Marijuana Strains in Canada: Beginners User Guide

Marijuana Strains in Canada

Marijuana Strains in Canada: Learn All Details

As the popularity of cannabis is gaining momentum in Canada, breeders and growers are increasingly working to create new varieties of Marijuana Strains with their own set of effects, aromas, and flavors.  

Marijuana Strains in Canada

For some people, weeds are weeds. They love to smoke and sometimes love getting high. But for weed lovers, the world of cannabis strains is a true wonderland. It has all the beautiful genetics that both recreational and medical users must provide.

Marijuana strains can be divided into three basic categories: Indica Marijuana, Sativa Marijuana, and Hybrid Marijuana. There is also a less popular type of cannabis which is cannabis ruderalis.

This article describes how to classify marijuana strains based on appearance, geographic origin, and effect. It also describes the various relationships between terpenes and THC and CBD (the two most important cannabinoids in marijuana).

Marijuana strains: Core classifications

As mentioned earlier, marijuana strains fall into one of the following categories:

All varieties come from different parts of the world and have unique properties that help distinguish them from each other.

The next section will cover the taste of each of these marijuana strains.

What is Indica Marijuana?


Cannabis indica plants come from the colder parts of the world, mainly from the mountainous regions of Pakistan, Turkestan, Afghanistan, Lebanon, and Nepal. Most Indica buds are named “Kush” because most native Indica strains were grown in the Hindu Kush region.


Indica species are small and bushy, averaging less than 7 feet. These plants produce dense flowers and increase surface resin production. Indica species are known for their sharp aroma and relatively short flowering time. Normally, indica plants are ready to be harvested within 40 to 50 days of flowering.

Growth habits

Indica plants are usually grown indoors. They may not give you as generous yields as Sativa varieties, but the amount of resin on the nuggets will make up for it. Not to mention the fact that indica marijuana species have a short flowering time.

The height of the Sativa marijuana variety is more suitable for outdoor fields. Maximizing revenue requires more attention and patience, but the results will reward you.


Indica species tend to calm the user-highs usually focus on the body and provide physical relief to dissolve the overall muscle tone, pain, and physical discomfort.

If you want to smoke or evaporate the Indica species, it is recommended that you save it for the evening.

What is Sativa Marijuana?


Cannabis Sativa plants are native to countries near the equator, such as Colombia, Mexico, Thailand, and various countries in India and Africa.


Sativa plants are usually much longer than their Indica counterparts, reaching up to 25 feet. Sativa also grows tall branches and thin leaves and shines the sun through flowers. When growing Sativa varieties, be prepared for sufficient yield after about 60-90 days. The upper part of the flower of Sativa has a loose structure and a conical shape.

Growth habits

The height of the Sativa marijuana variety is more suitable for outdoor fields. Maximizing revenue requires more attention and patience, but the results will reward you.


Sativa buds are known for their cerebral stimulation. An uplifting, there is a sense of excitement, which stimulates creativity, encourages talk, and increases concentration.

Therefore, Sativa marijuana strains are suitable for daytime use, especially if you need something to brighten up a friend or if you are a creative soul that needs inspiration. Sativa buds are a favorite seed for baking people, as they can hold the user all day while removing fatigue.

What is a marijuana hybrid?

Marijuana hybrid offers consumers the best of both worlds. They grow by crossing different types of marijuana. The result is a combination of different genetic characteristics of each strain at different concentrations.

There are three types of marijuana hybrids.

  • Indica-dominant hybrid
  • Sativa-dominant hybrid
  • Balanced hybrid (50/50)

According to that pattern, Sativa-dominant species show most of their Sativa characteristics with soft tips from Indica. Similarly, Indica and the dominant hybrid produce a body-focused effect primarily in Sativa’s cerebral tones.

Finally, the 50/50 hybrid has a balanced effect profile because the ratios of both types are even. A 50/50 hybrid can be used all day.

What is Ruderalis Marijuana: a very rare type of cannabis

The most common type of weed is Cannabis Ruderalis. These plants are not popular because they have no psychoactive effects. However, marijuana growers use Ruderalis for crossbreeding because of their ability to produce automatic flowering effects.

How do you know if you are looking at a Cannabis Ruderalis plant? This plant shortens to nearly 25 centimeters. It looks like an Indica plant.

The real difference between different types of marijuana strains

This system for classifying marijuana species is very useful and gives users a general idea of ​​what to expect when smoking different buds.

However, the classification of Indica versus Sativa is not the most accurate way to predict marijuana effects. In fact, the geographic origin and appearance of the plant have nothing to do with how it affects your body and brain.

The drivers behind the unique effects of marijuana strains seem to be more complex than we think.

The way Sativa and Indica labels are used in the trade is nonsense. The clinical effect of cannabis chemovar is whether the plant is tall and thin, short and bushy, or has narrow or wide leaves. It does not matter.

What we need to understand better is which standardized cannabis composition is causing which effects, when delivered in which fashions, at which specific dosages, to which types of [consumers]

In other words, not all indicators stick to the sofa, and not all Sativa improve your mood and raise your energy levels.


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