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Sativa is best known for its ability to provide active high without the “couch rock” effect of the dominant strains of Indica. So, smokers often call this “tall” or “tall”. It is often used by people looking for height to ease their anxiety. It is providing energy, maintaining productivity and acting as an exciting psychoactive substance. The psychoactive substance is for those who want to smoke during their daily lives.


Indica is the most popular choice among many consumers. Most importantly, this creates a strong sense of euphoria that stimulates creativity. Moreover, it is also well known for the “body high” it offers and the “couch rock” effect that comes with it. Furthermore, Indica allows introspection and is a great relief from stress, appetite stimulation and insomnia.


Hybrid strains are the product of the growth of Indica dominant and Sativa dominant plants. Therefore, if you want to experience both worlds a bit. This is the recommended category. It provides users with a combination of Indica’s pain relief and creativity. And Sativa’s anxiety relief and overall productivity. In addition, hybrids offer a few of their features but are a great way to explore your mind with the help of cannabis.

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